Tfue Gaming Setup - Mouse | Keyboard | Headset | Chair

If you're wondering which mouse, keyboard, headset and chair is being used by Tfue, then you're landed on the right place. Tfue is a popular Twitch streamer so he really cares when it comes to his gaming setup. He has an amazing and branded setup so you must be ready to pay a bit high price if you want something like him. Its obvious that brands increase product price when they see that a popular influencer is using their product and it's also possible that some streamers get paid by companies to use their products, anyway, let's go trough Tfue's gaming setup.
1. Mouse
is-bs-fs-table__imageUltralight ProIt may or may not be available so almost similar is also available on Amazon click here to see that mouse. Check Price
2. Keyboard
is-bs-fs-table__imageAkko X DuckyBuyers have complained that it takes from two to three weeks to be shipped and every things else works like charm.Check Price
3. Headset
is-bs-fs-table__imageSennheiser HD 700Sennheiser is an amazing headphone that you're definitely goona love. There's a quote "The cheaper buyer gets bad meat." Check Price
4. Chair
is-bs-fs-table__imageMaxnomic Commander SIt's a very comfortable gaming and office chair. This chair has a metal frame, molded cold cured foam and uses premium PU-leather as its cover material.Check Price
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