Summit1g Gaming Setup - Mouse | Keyboard | Headset

If you're wondering which mouse, keyboard, headset and chair is being used by Summit1g, then you're landed on the right place. Summit1g is a popular Twitch streamer so he really cares when it comes to his gaming setup. He has an amazing and branded setup so you must be ready to pay a bit high price if you want something like him. Its obvious that brands increase product price when they see that a popular influencer is using their product and it's also possible that some streamers get paid by companies to use their products, anyway, let's go trough Summit1g's gaming setup.
1. Mouse
is-bs-fs-table__imageFinalmouse Air58The mouse is overall good with all features that you will wish to have in a gaming mouse these days but there's a bad news, you may need to sell your one lung to buy this mouse.Check Price
2. Keyboard
is-bs-fs-table__imageCORSAIR K70Corsair won hearts of many gamers around the globe. Their products are always worth buying. The Keyboard looks stunning with its RGB Lights.Check Price
3. Headset
is-bs-fs-table__imageATH ADG1XIts modern and advanced drivers help you get the extremely accurate sound of games. Its Mic helps you in noise removing.Check Price
4. Chair
is-bs-fs-table__imageMAXNOMIC® NEEDFORSEAT PROMaxnomic offers 30 days return warranty that means you can get full refund if you're not satisfied with the chair quality and other things. This chair is unique and well crafted to fulfill all needs of gamers. You'll also get warranty for 2 years to get it repaired for free. Check Price
5. Monitor
is-bs-fs-table__imageASUS VG248QEA decent gaming monitor with faster response time and great picture quality. You'll get no less than 144Hz rapid refresh rate and response time of 1ms. It's probably one of the best gaming monitors out there in market to go for and you'll also not need to break bank to purchase this monitor.Check Price
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