Shroud Gaming Setup - Mouse | Keyboard | Headset | Chair

If you're wondering which mouse, keyboard, headset and chair is being used by Shroud, then you're landed on the right place. Shroud is a popular Twitch streamer so he really cares when it comes to his gaming setup. He has an amazing and branded setup so you must be ready to pay a bit high price if you want something like him. Its obvious that brands increase product price when they see that a popular influencer is using their product and it's also possible that some streamers get paid by companies to use their products, anyway, let's go trough Shroud's gaming setup.
1. Mouse
is-bs-fs-table__imageLogitech G303Logitech G303 is a popular mouse with a modern optical sensor that helps you to click the right target. Its RGB lights are also customizable.Check Price
2. Keyboard
is-bs-fs-table__imageHyperX AlloyKeyboard that is being used by Shroud is HyperX Alloy Elite. You can customize a lot of things with software provided by its manufacturers.Check Price
3. Headsets
is-bs-fs-table__imageHyperX Cloud FlightYou'll be amazed by sound quality that you will be getting from this headphone. If you want a great and noise cancelling mic for any purpose then it's also a good choice.The deal is very fair, it worth its price. Check Price
4. Chair
is-bs-fs-table__image Herman Miller AeronYou'll feel absoulutly comfortable if your height is 6'2" or more. It's available in three different sizes low, medium and large. It's durable but its price might give you heart attack HAHA. Check Price
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