Shroud Gaming Mouse Name - Which Mouse Does Shroud Use?

If you're curious to know that which gaming mouse is being used by Shroud, then you're landed on the right place. Here I will tell you that which mouse shroud is using in 2019. So, let me you tell you which mouse shroud currently use and what are its pros and cons.
By the way, recently I wrote an article on Shroud Gaming Setup. Here's Mouse that is being used by Shroud.
Shroud Mouse Name
is-bs-fs-table__imageLogitech G303 Logitech G303 is a popular mouse with a modern optical sensor that helps you to click the right target. Its RGB lights are also customizable.Check Price
  • This mouse has the best sensor in modern times.
  • Decent RGB LED Lighting
  • Magnificent button layout
  • Side buttons might create problems.
  • The Price tag is very high.
  • Double click and sticking problems might apear after two to three years usage.
Should you buy this mouse? Well, this all depends on you, If you're looking to just play shooter games or any other game then it's nice, I'll recommend you to go for it. It's specifically made for games and may not be suitable for other works.
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