Pewdiepie Gaming Setup - Mouse | Keyboard | Headset | Chair

If you're wondering which mouse, keyboard, headset and chair is being used by Pewdipie, then you're landed on the right place. Pewdiepie is a popular Twitch streamer so he really cares when it comes to his gaming setup. He has an amazing and branded setup so you must be ready to pay a bit high price if you want something like him. Its obvious that brands increase product price when they see that a popular influencer is using their product and it's also possible that some streamers get paid by companies to use their products, anyway, let's go trough Pewdiepie's gaming setup.
1. Mouse
is-bs-fs-table__imageBenQ Zowie FK1If you have large hands then you're good to go with this mouse. Its lightweight and ergonomic but mouse wheel may create problems after some years, depends on your usage.Check Price
2. Keyboard
is-bs-fs-table__imageCORSAIR STRAFEThis keyboard is solid and heavy, you're gonna get amazing feel while pressing its keys. Its space bar is textured, some people like while some find it annoying.Check Price
3. Headsets
is-bs-fs-table__imageRazer Kraken 7.1 V2The sound quality is just superb and you probably gonna love it. Everything works fine and can be your partner for years without demanding any treat LOL! By the way its microphone is also awesome. Check Price
4. Chair
is-bs-fs-table__imageClutch Chairz Throttle SeriesIt's availble in 4 to 5 colors including green, red, orange, blue and red. You can adjust its armrests.Check Price
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